AlphaTauri AT02 Launch – Big Changes, Bigger Targets

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Another day, another car launch. This morning it was the turn of AlphaTauri to debut their new driver line-up and car to the world. Unlike the McLaren launch, there are some obvious changes to the livery this year. This has, however, brought a massive mix of opinions and discussion online, as any new design does.

The Car:

The most obvious difference in the AlphaTauri car is the navy going horizontally the entire way down the car. There’s a slight pinstripe effect on the new navy nose of the car which will be lovely to see on track this year. With so few sponsorships on the car, it looks sleek and stylish, which would of course have been the desire of the fashion brand. It will be interesting to see whether the car stands out as a more navy than white car, given how many cars have blue bodywork in 2021.

The other distinct difference is the change from the AlphaTauri bull logo on the front and rear wings to worded logo. This is a very nice change which means the design flows horizontally across the car. Ultimately, while it has caused some debate online, the car is very impressively designed. F1 fans will quickly get used to the car and will love to see it on the grid throughout the year.

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The suit and helmets:

The prominence of navy has increased on the suits, as it did on the car. These suits are much more exciting to look at and look stunning with the car. Both drivers look stylish in them and will again stand out on a grid with this new design, as they did last year, again in white.

The helmets are so similar that all of the F1 commentators are going to struggle to tell the drivers apart on track. Despite very slight differences, the two drivers have almost identical orange helmets this year. One nice touch that Pierre Gasly has included on his helmet is the ‘AH’ just above the team logo. This is of course a tribute to the late Formula 2 driver Anthoine Hubert, one of the French driver’s best childhood friends. Being able to keep Anthoine with him at all times is clearly important to Gasly and it is lovely to see that come into fruition.

The launch:

The AlphaTauri launch was very different to McLaren’s, with a short video, rather than an event. However, the fashion show that we saw last year was seen again, on a more understated stage. The short video gives a slight insight into the team but it will be nice to get to know Tsunoda better in the coming weeks. As one of so few Japanese drivers in history, it is important that he is given a spotlight and does not go under the radar, as a few drivers do. Both drivers have a lot of potential and we all hope that they can live up to this on track this year, as do the team of course.

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