Red Bull Racing RB16B Car Launch – 5th time lucky?

Red Bull RB16B with the classic blue, red and yellow livery.

Well… any excitement about this year’s Red Bull car being different has definitely disappeared! Unsurprisingly, the Red Bull livery for 2021 has the same design as the car has had for five years running. The well-known and dark-blue, red and yellow car will return to the grid once again this year, but with a new driver line up, there is still a lot to be excited about.

The Car:

Red Bull’s iconic nose design and rear wing has remained on the car and everybody online is struggling to see where the differences, that the team are claiming exist, are. The only really obvious changes are with sponsors on the car, with Telcel joining with Sergio Perez and, of course, the removal of Aston Martin. This is also noticeable on the rear wing, where we can see a different design, with Honda taking the place of the car manufacturer as they rejoin the sport with Lawrence Stroll. Without more information from the team, we won’t know about the changes to the structure of the car. This will become clear at testing, where we will see whether this car is going to fight with Mercedes as everyone hopes it will.

The drivers:

Even if the car is the same, the new driver combination is still very exciting and we can’t wait to see them together in the coming days and weeks. Despite the disappointment over Alex Albon’s tough year in 2020, Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen are going to be a serious force on the track. Everyone hopes that the Red Bull team will be able to fight with Mercedes for wins, following the German team’s dominance throughout recent years. These two drivers are definitely going to be the best pairing for the team in terms of accomplishing this goal.

With another launch done, the countdown to testing and the races continues and excitement grows. Ferrari are next, with the first of their two launches, the team launch, on Friday. Seeing Carlos Sainz in red alongside Charles Leclerc has been constantly discussed and anticipated.

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