Driving Debrief – Surprising sponsorships & last minute launches! (22.02.21-28.02.21)

A green image showing the logo followed by driving debrief. Focussed on sponsorships and launches.

In the week everybody paid tribute to Niki Lauda on what would have been his 72nd birthday, Aston Martin delighted us with sponsorships galore! With many cars on track for the first time this week, let’s discuss all of the news you might have missed.

Aston Martin sponsorships:

The Aston Martin team were definitely busy this week, with consistent announcements almost daily throughout the week. Despite much speculation, Aston Martin have retained some important sponsorships and have added many new ones to their team. Most interestingly, and despite a lot of doubt, BWT have stayed with the team through the new launch. This means that we are likely to see some pink on the car at next week’s launch. This only adds to the excitement ahead of this event this week. In addition to BWT, the British team announced collaboration with Girard-Perregaux, SentinelOne and Peronin Libera 0.0% sponsoring the team as well. This made one thing very clear, rebranding the team was anything but problematic for the Aston Martin team.

Haas launch announcement:

After a very long wait, Haas have finally announced the date for their 2021 car launch. Finally after patiently waiting, every launch date has been announced. This Haas launch will take place on Thursday 4th March meaning we are going to see 5 launches in just 4 days this week. There is so much speculation around all of the 2021 cars and Haas is no different. After so many previews from all of the team, particularly the Mercedes team, we are clearly in for a treat.

Alonso health update:

Over the last couple of weeks, everyone has had Fernando Alonso in their thoughts. Everyone was very concerned after his accident and we are all hoping his recovery is going well. Despite him seeming to be making a lot of improvements, Alpine have announced that he won’t make the trip to their launch next week. While it is a shame to not see Alonso alongside Ocon, they have been clear that his recovery is going well. There is no discussion that he will miss any of the season and that is such amazing news to hear.

That is it for another week. The countdown to the season continues and every day we get more excited. There’s only 4 weeks left! With lots of launches to look forward to this week and only one week before testing, I can’t wait for what’s to come!

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