Aston Martin AMR21 Car Launch – Martin, Aston Martin

AMR21 car - all racing green and pink detailing

Aston Martin have officially revealed their 2021 competitor following 60 years out of the sport. The AMR21 car brings British racing green back to the grid, with a modern twist of a BWT pink stripe down the side of the car. Having watched one of the strangest, but most star-studded launches of 2021, let’s discuss how this car has been received by F1 fans everywhere.

The car:

A sleek and sophisticated car has entered the competition for best livery this year. The simple racing green livery with a hint of BWT pink will look exceptional on track this year. The other impressive part of the AMR21, and the team more generally, is the number of sponsorships they have this year. These sponsorships are clear but stylish on the car. The Aston Martin design team have done an exceptional job this year and I cannot wait to see how the car looks alongside the other cars. Very little information was given about any technical changes to the AMR15. We will have to wait until next week to see how this car will perform in comparison to the other cars on the grid.

The launch:

Unforgettable. That’s the only word that can be used to describe this Bond themed launch. Aston Martin spared nothing in their planning of this event, with cameos from many celebrities throughout. Gemma Arterton hosted this launch, following the background video presented by Santan Dave. They were not the only stars however, with NFL star Tom Brady and Bond’s own Daniel Craig sending their good wishes to the new team. Despite some very awkward teleprompter usage from many, seeing the drivers in these new colours was very exciting. Seb and Lance seem very happy and comfortable with each other and are looking to be an exceptional combination for the future. With a look back on the past, and a lot of anticipation for the future, Aston Martin launched themselves back into F1 with excitement.

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