Williams FW43B Car Launch – A story of two halves

Williams FW43B Car with white nose, light and dark blue striped body and black rear.

Another day, another launch in the world of F1. Today we saw a fresh start for Williams with a brand new livery on the FW43B, with hints of the past but a lot of hope for the future. After having their virtual reality launch ruined by hackers, the car was released online, with mixed reviews.

The car:

The FW43B livery is intriguing to look at. With a very different nose to the body and rear of the car, it truly is a discussion of two parts. Around the front particularly there are hints of yellow, reflecting the history of the car. The rest of the nose and front wing are a white similar to the 2020 Williams livery we are all used to. The body of the car is a completely different story. With a dark and light blue striped pattern, this has been met with some confusion online. Finally, the car also has a black rear wing with the classic Williams logo. This matches well with the blue striped elements of the car but doesn’t match the front at all.

I think there were two options for this car and the team appear to have chosen half of both. Either the front or rear design would have looked exceptional but the mix of two is slightly confused. Despite this, we’ll all get used to the car in no time. Ultimately, the look of the car is not important, the drivers and the ability of the car is what matters. Let’s hope that with this new start for Williams we can see them back towards the mid-field and on their way to more success in the sport.

The launch that wasn’t:

Hackers really will ruin anything! The Williams launch became unintentionally basic, with a simple post just like Haas and Red Bull. This was not their fault in any way however, with an exceptional launch planned. Using virtual reality, fans should have been able to see the car live in their living room or garden this afternoon. Even if this didn’t happen, it’s important to congratulate the Williams marketing teams for such an interesting and unique idea. I really hope we are able to see this in the future.

It is nice that we were able to hear a little from the team and drivers. They are clearly so excited about the new design for the FW43B and the future. This is massively important for the team morale moving forward. A new, fresh start for the team is vital, especially after such a long period of poor performance. With a new car, a new team of managers and the Russell/Latifi charm, I think we’re in for a good year watching the Williams start their comeback.

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