Ferrari SF21 Car Launch – Last but definitely not least!

Ferrari SF21 with gradient bright to dark red livery and green logo on body.

After weeks of launches, we’ve finally seen the final livery of the 2021 grid, and I think I love it. With only two days to go until testing, this was the final event that we needed before the season could start officially. And here we are, the Ferrari SF21, a mix of old and new, plus a very bright bit of green.

The Car:

The SF21 is still the iconic red that Ferrari always has been, which I think we’re all happy to see after some of the livery changes we’ve seen. But the team have incorporated a ombre effect into the more dark red that we saw on the 1000th race livery. This is a really stylish change which I for one really like. What has confused everyone is the green Mission Winnow logo on the car. Even Charles and Carlos said it took some getting used to after a last minute change. This is a strange change, but a minor one. With some teams choosing some very unconventional major changes to their liveries, a little bit of green is not a problem.

The major changes to the car were definitely focussed on the inside. With a new power unit, a reconsidered turbo and different aerodynamic strategy, it’s clear that the team will be hoping for a big change to their luck in 2021. It will become clear this weekend whether this will work out for them. Despite the regulation freeze this year, Ferrari seem to have changed, and hopefully improved, the car in any way possible. Let’s hope that this works for them in 2021.

The Launch:

Unfortunately Ferrari are another team who were subject to leaks before their launch. This didn’t hugely affect them though, with both the team and car launch videos running smoothly, despite a minor issue with the loading of the team video last week. Both launches gave us a nice insight into the Ferrari team both on and off the track. Seeing Carlos and Charles together is always pleasant. They’re already seeming to be a good duo who are going to respectfully challenge each other to improve the standings of the team this year. I for one can’t wait to see how this grows as the season starts.

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