Formula 1 to trial new tyre compound rule for qualifying in 2023

A Formula 1 car with the tyres visible.

Drastic rule changes are something we’re becoming used to after the regulations were overhauled for the 2022 season. This continues next year, with the FIA trialling a ‘Revised Qualifying Format’ at two races in 2023.

Drivers will be required to use specific tyre compounds during each 2023 qualifying session next year. Only the hard tyre can be used in Q1, then the medium in Q2 and the soft in Q3. In the case of a wet race, the tyre choice will be free.

The FIA are trialling reducing the total number of tyres permitted over a race weekend from 13 to 11. This could bring big changes to the running of sessions over the race weekend.

Allocations of soft tyres will be halved, with drivers using four rather than eight. At the same time, the allocation of medium and hard tyres will increase by one. Four medium and three hard tyres will be available for the race weekend overall.

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